50 Stupidly Simple Things That Are Making You Look Like An Asshole

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Don’t do any of these things mentioned on Ask Reddit or you’ll look like a complete asshole.

1. Be super sarcastic all the time no matter the situation.

2. Interrupting people when they talk. It’s very annoying, and people will think you’re being rude if it’s constant.

3. As soon as you meet them say some crap like: “I’m just letting you know right now, I’m brutally honest. Like no offense but I’m just brutally honest.”

4. Constantly try to see their phone screen even if they tell you to fuck off.

5. Refer to yourself in 3rd person.

6. Be on your phone while at dinner.

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7. Grab food off their plate. For extra points: then grin, and tell them to relax.

8. Saying “Just being honest!” after making an insulting observation.

9. Whenever somebody calls you a friend, deadpan say “We’re not friends.”

10. Listen to music with the speakers in public.

11. “Do you know who my dad is?!” – for anyone in college or high school this is the defining asshole line.

12. Barge your way into the elevator before letting others off.

13. Being rude to servers.

14. Threaten to call the cops on them and file lawsuits.

15. Chew gum loudly with your mouth open.

16. Spoiling the outcome of a movie.

17. Spit in public.

18. Wear your pants under your ass.

19. Tell them to shut up when they are speaking.

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20. Going to a public bathroom and when it’s locked and someone obviously inside, you start to twist the door knob trying to force open it while giving the other person a heart attack.

21. Cut in line.

22. Leave your cart in an empty parking space so whomever wants to park there has to get out and move it.

23. Eat someone else’s lunch at work.

24. Brag about being Vegan.

25. A few minutes after they introduce themselves to you, call them the wrong name.

26. Literally never apologize.

27. Don’t flush after you’ve taken a dump.

28. Not saying thanks when someone holds the door open for you.

29. Turn every discussion around to make it about your particular brand of partisan politics.

30. Just insulting people for no reason. “Damn, that guy over there is sooo fat. Glad I’m not him.”

31. Not turning on indicator before making a turn.

32. Kick a dog.

33. Cheat on anyone.

34. Talk loudly on the phone in public transport.

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35. Walk away when someone stops to tie their shoelaces.

36. Act like you know everything and they know nothing.

37. Don’t hold the door for the person immediately behind you.

38. Start vaping.

39. Bring a baby to a movie.

40. Facetime on a bus without headphones.

41. Park in the handicapped spot.

42. Talk down to them.

43. Coughing without covering your mouth.

44. Not introducing yourself back.

45. Double park your pickup truck in a parking lot.

46. When you are being introduced to someone, just say, “I don’t care” and turn around. The person you were being introduced to will automatically think you are the biggest asshole.

47 Not giving your seat to a senior/disabled person.

48. Don’t tip on a split check.

49. Not looking up from your phone when people are talking to you..

50. Correct someone who is actually correct.


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