Sometimes, Silence Is The Best Revenge


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I know you want to write out a long, elaborate text explaining exactly why you’re upset with this other person. I know you want to show up at their door, screaming about how you cannot believe what they’ve done to you. I know you want to slash their tires, toss a drink at their face, sleep with their best friend. I know you want some sort of revenge, some sort of closure, some sort of way to deal with your anger.

This probably isn’t what you want to hear while you’re all fired up, but sometimes, silence is the best form of revenge.

Your silence speaks a thousand words. It shows them you don’t have any more breaths to waste on them. You don’t have any more time to dedicate to them. You’re completely and utterly done with them.

Instead of hurting your throat screaming or hurting your fist punching a wall, you can easily block their number, delete them from social media, and throw all their photographs in your digital trashcan. You can erase them from your world with a press of a button.

It might sound anticlimactic. It might sound unsatisfying. But sometimes, silence is your healthiest choice. If you resort to screaming and fighting and cursing them out, it might feel good in the moment, but that feeling probably won’t last. You’ll still be angry in the end. You still won’t feel like you’ve gotten everything off your chest. You’ll still be in a bad mood.

Fighting with someone toxic isn’t going to accomplish anything. You’re not going to make them feel bad and you’re not going to make yourself feel any better. You’re only going to cause yourself more stress. Your best option is to put that stress in the past. Release it from your grasp. Decide you’re done with the drama. Decide this person isn’t worth your energy.


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Sometimes, silence is the best revenge. Watching you drop off the face of the planet will hurt them more than anything you could have said to them. They’re going to wonder how you’ve been. They’re going to wonder what’s on your mind. They’re going to wonder what you’ve been doing. The questions are going to eat away at them.

Choosing silence doesn’t make you a coward. It makes you mature. It makes you smart enough to know when it’s time to step away from a bad situation. Sometimes, doesn’t mean forcing fake smiles and accepting apologies. It means leaving someone toxic in your past instead of fighting with them again and again in the future.

Your silence is meaningful. It shows them you don’t care enough about them to raise your voice or your middle finger at them. It shows them you have more important things to worry about than whatever drama they’re trying to cause.

Sometimes, silence is the best revenge. Sometimes, instead of having the same argument over and over, you should hit that block button. You should remove all the toxic hearts from your life.


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